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Tyler Rosier, head gardener

Practical Gardening Advice

Give it a Grow was started as a forum to share practical gardening advice. You will find articles documenting what has worked and hasn’t worked in my garden, and recommended plants and products. We would also love to hear and learn from your experiences!



Latest articles:

Find out what is going on in the garden! Gain tips, tricks, and recommendations. We are committed to excellence and only recommend practices and products that work for us.


Find a list of our favorite plants. Learn how to care for them and dive into their history. Learn helpful organic practices and how to select the right plant for the right place.


“If something is not eating your plants, then your garden is not part of the ecosystem.” Learn how to work with nature to create gardens that work for us and habitat for wildlife.

Meet us:

Self-taught Passion

My wife (April) and I started our garden only a few years ago. Starting a garden can be intimidating, especially when viewing only established gardens. Join us as we grow and learn!

We live in rural eastern Kentucky, USA. We are committed to local farming and organic practices. We always try to source locally and encourage everyone to support your neighbors (in-person and online).

While we have no formal training, growing up on a farm granted us invaluable knowledge. Share our experience of learning from grandparents and through trial and error. Learn with us!

Gardening does not have to fit into a box. Whether you grow roses or radishes, have a few feet or a few acres, gardening has something to offer you. Provide food or flowers for your family, and nutrition for the soul.

Where to begin?

You’ve made the most important to decision to “give it a grow!” Now where do you begin?

  • What does a garden mean for you?
  • Start small
  • Develop a plan
  • Give it a grow!
  • Learn from failure and try again!

Read about our beginnings here and draw inspiration from our image gallery.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


We pledge that all content provided here will exclusively reflect our honest experiences in the garden. We share successes as well as failures. We only recommend products and practices that have actually worked for us.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


We are committed to sustainable garden practices. Our gardens should work with nature to create environments for ourselves and our furry friends. We only provide advice as it relates to 100% organic gardening and good garden stewardship.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Gardening is much an art as it is a science, and we are committed to both. We provide content related to scientific inquiry, but also enjoy the art of painting with plants. We would love to hear if we’ve inspired you and what form your creativity takes!

Garden fork to table fork:

Our Favorite Recipes

Eat what you grow!

While it is not a requirement to grow vegetables, there is a sweet satisfaction tasting the literal fruits of your labor. Keeping in mind that we are not chefs by any stretch of the imagination, click below to see some of our favorite garden recipes.